An Approved CPT Provider

The financial industry is characterized by rapid change and continuous innovation. In a changing technical and professional environment, practitioners engaging in regulated activities in Hong Kong should regularly update their knowledge and skills through Continuous Professional Training (“CPT”) to maintain their professional competence. 

The Society is recognized by the Securities and Futures Commission (“SFC”) as an institution for providing Continuous Professional Training (“CPT”). Continuing Education programs and seminars organized by CFA Society Hong Kong qualify for CPT hours.

To maintain and enhance practitioners’ technical knowledge and professional expertise.

To provide reasonable assurance to investors at large that they have the technical knowledge, professional skills and ethical standards required to perform regulated activities efficiently, effectively, and fairly.

To maintain and enhance Hong Kong’s international reputation for high professional standards.

Who is the CPT for?

These guidelines are applicable to the following persons carrying out any regulated activities in Hong Kong:
  1. a licensed representative under Part V of the SFO;
  2. a licensed representative who is approved as a responsible officer under Part V of the SFO;
  3. a licensed corporation under Part V of the SFO;
  4. a registered institution under Part V of the SFO;
  5. an individual whose name is entered in the register maintained by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (“HKMA”) under section 20 of the Banking Ordinance (“relevant individual”); and
  6. an individual who has been given consent to act as an executive officer of a registered institution under section 71C of the Banking Ordinance.

Notes: Only training programs relevant to the regulated activities in which an individual engages count towards CPT. Individuals are advised to select topics that are related to their regulated activities and will enhance their professionalism to satisfy the CPT requirements.

The Guidelines on Continuous Professional Training are made under section 399 of the Securities and Futures Ordinance in HK, Cap. 571 (“SFO”), and aim to provide general guidance for persons to comply with the CPT requirements. For details, please refer to the “Guidelines on Continuous Professional Training” from SFC.